The truth is, I am still figuring out what I like and who I am.

One thing I do know is:

I LOVE Marketing.

I love the creative side that coordinates with advertising
I love the “boring” parts dealing with analytics and numbers (SPSS here’s looking at you)
I love the public image created with brand management using the aforementioned tools

Why marketing matters (to me):

– Marketing is the social side of business that enables me to understand people and their needs
– It is constantly and rapidly evolving (especially with the help of technology) keeping me on my toes
– Everyone needs marketing in one fashion or another making my skill set in high demand

I cannot turn my inner-marketer off when I…

…walk into any store and assess the end-aisle displays
…analyze product packaging for the details of its construction and content
…read the news to evaluate how marketing helped (or hurt) their situation

Marketing is no longer a one-sided conversation

Marketing is now about listening.
Listening to the people on what they desire, what they like, and what they dislike.
Listening to the world and what it has to tell you
This creates understanding and allows anyone to interpret what it has to say to make their message heard.

That is what I’m learning:

How to listen and then craft my message to be heard.
So follow me on this journey.

Take A Gander into my world both personally and professionally:


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